What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an alternative way to generate electricity. It uses a series of photovoltaic modules to absorb sunlight. The sunlight is then converted into electricity or heat. Generating up to 365 watts, they are an environmentally-friendly energy option for homes and businesses.

Green Technology

The main benefit of this generator is its green technology. It produces a form of clean energy. This type of renewable energy source accounts for 14% of Australian electricity use. In 2016, 135,370 rooftop systems were installed in Australian homes and businesses. Prices on these energy generators continue to go down, becoming more accessible to the public.

To add to this, the Solar Homes and Communities plan has really encouraged homeowners to install this technology. Homeowners who use this type of energy receive five more Solar Credits Program points than those who don’t. They are also entitled to more Renewable Energy Certificates. On the other hand, schools can get grants for as much as $50,000 to install this technology.


This type of equipment can be made out of two materials:

  1. Silicone
  2. Non-silicone

Both varieties rely mostly on aluminium frames, which make them very durable. 95% of the materials used in these systems are recyclable or recycled.

Money Saver

Installing this type of system reduces the utility bill of homeowners. As electricity prices go up, more people are starting to look for alternative sources of energy. This type of system is a good option. They’re a great investment for any home or business.

Some people are concerned about the costs of these systems. However, it should be considered as an investment. Instead of paying an exuberant amount in your electricity bills, you can buy solar panels and pay less monthly. Apart from this, you’ll be contributing to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and helping to save the environment.