Types of Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installations are often handled by a professional AC installer or an air conditioning technician. There are quite a few of them within your vicinity for sure. Else, you may ask for assistance for Air Conditioning Installations from where you purchased your unit.

Air Conditioning Systems are very common nowadays, may it be in homes, commercial establishments, offices, schools, clinics, hospitals and others. Due to the change in climate, people have moved to install air conditioning units in their places. Factors that affected such move are quite a few, weather or climate is a given, health related concerns, prices of air conditioning units nowadays and its corresponding energy consumption.


Air Conditioning Installations would depend on what type of air conditioning unit needs to to be installed, so does the length, difficulty and price for the installation. Let this article help discuss the difference of each types and give you an idea as to how they are installed.

  • Window Type Air Conditioning Installations are often the commonly seen ones, as how the unit is designed, having a case or a housing of its own, the said case’ dimension (height and width) need to be cut from a hole or the portion where it will be installed or mounted. Most are equipped with BX wire that has a plug that you can directly plug to an electrical outlet, else, a fuse box or breaker can be added for extra safety.
  • Split Type Air Conditioning Installations may require more than an air conditioning technician, as this requires installation of two things, the air conditioning unit (the evaporative unit) which will be mounted inside and the condensing unit which is mounted outside, connected using a duct system or piping drilled to the wall from outside to inside where the unit is. Have two sub types which are Mini split and Central Ducted.
  • Portable Air Conditioning Installations, except for portable hose which uses hose as duct, portable air conditioning system does not require installation at all. These are the types of units that are on wheels as people often call it. Works like such of an air conditioning unit of a car or any other vehicle, the unit collects water and draw it out thru a hole. Same principle as that of another sub type which is called portable evaporative. To sum it up, there are three sub types, portable split, portable hose and portable evaporative.