4 Things To Do Before Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is one hard process but using a grinder makes it a whole lot easier. At first glance, the machine is so big that it will give the impression that it’s hard to use. However, it’s actually not that hard once you get familiar with the functions of the machine. Before starting the process, you need to do things before the stump grinding process gets underway:

1) Trim the Tree Stump

The first thing you need to do would be to trim the stump. Your mission would be to chop off most of it so it would already be at ground level. If you do that, it would minimize the amount of work for the stump grinder.

2) Clear the Area

To avoid damaging your grinder, you must remove all the debris and rocks you see. The machine’s purpose is to take out the tree stumps and not the rocks and other hard objects.

3) Bare the Roots

If you want your yard to be totally clean, you must remove the surface roots together with the stump. It’s possible the roots are located several meters from the trunk of the tree so find them before you start grinding.

4) Wear Safety Gear

It’s important to protect your hands, eyes and other parts of your body during the entire process so wear safety gear. For your eyes, wear safety goggles so tree bits don’t get into your eyes. Since you’re holding a dangerous tool, you can’t afford to be temporarily blinded. For your hands, wear heavy gloves so they won’t get burnt. Lastly, wear a mask for your mouth so you won’t swallow the small tree particles.

After applying these things you need to do before stump grinding, you’ll realize you would have a tough time doing this process by yourself. It would be a lot better to leave this task to the experts so call stump grinding Townsville, their professional team has the skills and high-quality equipment that help to finish the job smoothly and fast. They provide a big discount to pensioners who avail their services.