Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

To identify which amongst the wedding photographers is the right one, asking them relevant questions is necessary. It is highly advised that before you speak with wedding photographers—may it be in person or over the telephone—you need to list all questions so you won’t forget. You can start with the list of questions below:

  • How many photos will you capture?

How many photos would you get in total? Most of the time, the average is around 50 – 100 photos every hour. Four hundred or more photos may seem a lot, but professionals are taking the most number of shots to ensure that all moments and details are captured on still photos.

  • What do you want me to do on my wedding day?

Relax; leave it to the expert. They know exactly how to work on angles, and give you a picture-perfect result. It is ideal that you set up a 30-minute one-on-one session with your photographer, so they can see your perfect angle and instruct you on things you need to do to get the picture you want. Wedding photographers act as directors; they give instructions on how to play with photos and proper positioning.

  • Do you need a second photographer?

Usually, you do not need to get the second professional doing the same thing as that may just be too costly. What you can do is to ask them to give you more images in different perspectives. Most of the time, there is only one main photographer and the rest are their assistants who help them with lighting and carry their gears. Best if you discuss this with the photo company of your choice.

  • How far ahead do I need to schedule your service?

This is necessary as most of them need to be booked one month in advance. This way, they can prepare better. Good companies are always fully booked, so if you can make a reservation the sooner, the better.

  • Do I need to pay in advance?

Are they requiring advanced payment? Most of the companies, if not all, do. The only difference is the amount they ask for a deposit. See