The Educational Value of Field Trips

Most people view field trips as a bad thing. They think that is it only a way to get out of the classroom and make kids get out of having homework. In reality, going out in the community provide many benefits. Here are some:

Hands-on learning

Field trips give the student the opportunity to experience new venues. This allows them to expand their familiarity with one thing or place. Being hands-on is important as it allows the student to have a better understanding of the material. For instance, your teacher told you the methods to milk a cow, although you have the techniques in mind, you won’t know you’re doing right until you see the milk coming out from the cow itself. Students learn best when they are involved. The things students see and experience on field trips can stimulate curiosity. It often serves as a motivator to explore more new things.


Too often, many students don’t pay interests on their lessons because they are bored. That’s why schools provide entertainment for students through field trips. Breaking away from their usual routine serve as a refresher and entertainment. Field trips are great opportunity to make connections and build a relationship. Students who are working in partners, teams or small groups during the trip could enhance communication skills. Aside from that, they can also learn how to adapt and behave in a different setting.

Your classroom provides structural limits that made you missed meaningful educational experiences. In a study done by Education Next, the break from the routine class environment give the children excitement that they can value the things they learn in the classroom and relate it to their actual life.

Useful for All Ages

One of the beautiful things about field trips is they are beneficial for all ages. Field trips are not only for a group of second graders but also for high school students.

A school that has a great balance of learning is very important. That is why you need to make sure to  enrol your children at the best International high school in your area.