Images You Can Paint on Customised Coffins

More and more people are using customised coffins to bury their loved ones. Despite being a taboo in the past, many people are into liberal and unorthodox practices in funerals. If before, burials are very solemn and sombre occasions, nowadays, many surviving families make it a celebration and a festive event. For these unconventional families, the death of their loved one marks the end of his/her suffering, and his/her burial is a send-off to the afterlife.

This change in mindset has spurred the growth of the use of customised coffins. If you are one of those who wants to keep the spice of life in your family despite the death of a beloved family member, here are some design ideas that you paint on his/her casket:

Favourite personalities

Make the funeral of your loved one an occasion for nostalgia. One of the memories that he/she readily share with his/her family and friends is his/her idols in the movies, music, sports and other modes of entertainment. This way, you can relive the memories of his/her passion and enthusiasm that he/she showed to the surviving family members and friends whilst he/she is still alive.

Religious icons

You can also paint religious icons that signify his/her devotion to the religion he/she is affiliated with. You can also put on the coffin his/her favourite verses from different religious books like the Bible and Koran or passages from the saint or religious figures that he/she admired.


You can also use the image of his hobbies and favourite pastimes whilst he/she is still living. If he/she loved sports, you can paint the picture of a ball or sporting item that he/she regularly used whilst he/she was still active.

Favourite quotes or taglines

A person is often remembered by the lines he/she had been saying before. You can then write down as a remembrance of the type of person he/she was.

In using customised coffins, you can relive the memories of your deceased loved one even after the funeral.