Things That Female Doctors Would Want To Tell You

Of course, doctors are all professionals. They are all working to make sure that they are performing their jobs right and in accordance to what they have committed as they pursue the course or profession. Moreover to that, not all the time they can handle composure, thus it is a must that as patients, they need to understand and try to read between the lines. Female doctors can just be too professional, that they might find it hard to say things to their patients, especially those that they think can hurt them.

As patients, you are in a way responsible not just to yourself but of course to those who will help you get better. The female doctors Gold Coast┬ácan be very patient and highly professional, but still, don’t go overboard.

Things that female doctors would want to tell you but they cant

“please follow my instructions”

If only your female doctors can act as your mom and scold at you, they just did. You know for a fact that doctors will only say you things that will help you get better. Some patients can come just too stubborn and female doctors can be just too nice and sweet, still reminding you even after too many reminders. But if they can just get mad of you just to make you understand and follow, they just did.

“I can only do so much”

Your female doctors would love to make you get better, but unfortunately, they can only do so much. Some patients and even their families do not understand that they cannot do magic. Yes, they can do everything they can, they will definitely exert all their efforts and even consult other specializing doctor just to make sure that their patients will get better, but unfortunately they can only do so much.

“I know you are sick, but please, do not forget your hygiene”

Some due to their health condition, fail to brush their teeth or even take a bath, female doctors completely understand the suffering and pain, but just for your self improvement and wellness, you should never forget your hygiene. Not all doctors can say this straight out, especially for female doctors, since they surely do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if they can only say this, they should have said this to their patients. It is actually not for your doctor’s welfare, it is for you, so better do it.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Consulting Female Doctors

If you will come to think of it, male or female doctors should not be an issue. They are both professionals and licensed, thus they will both provide almost the same help to those who are in different medical condition.

But, is there really advantages and disadvantages getting female doctors? If you will consider different factors and go beyond professionalism, there could be things that would make you think consulting female doctors or choose the other gender instead.

Advantages of consulting female doctors

The advantages may be more on the factors such as:

You are a female patient

Of course, a female patient may see it more comforting to discuss their medical issue of the same gender, thus giving them the best treatment. If you are a female patient, you tend to be more open discussing your condition to the same species.

You want more than medication

Female doctors tend to be more gentle and caring for their patients. The female gender has the power to make you feel at ease, maybe that same logic applies to “a mother’s touch”. Female doctors tend to care more than those of the male. Not to generalize all, as there are male doctors that are showing equal care to their patients, nevertheless, it is just more common for the female to show care to their patients. Some patients need tender, loving care and that can easily be given by female doctors.

Disadvantages of consulting female doctors

Actually the disadvantages can also be the strength and advantages of choosing female, nevertheless, the disadvantage can be

If you are a male patient

Of course, you might see it a bit unusual and weird if you are a male, to open up to female doctors, especially to sicknesses that has something to do with your masculinity. They are professionals and they sure know how to handle everything in a professional manner, but you cannot discount the fact that they are still from different genders, thus not that comfortable and easy to discuss and open up with them.

Female, not just female doctors, can be highly emotional

Although, not all, but most females, not just doctors, can be highly emotional. This you have to be a bit careful about since doctors get their degree and certificate to ensure that they can perform their jobs right and according to the book, the emotional aspect can be more on the tears you see in their eyes as they are delivering the not so good news.