Ways to Save on Kiddie Party Costs

Preparing for your kid’s party  is an exciting task. However, it is also tedious. Of course, as a parent, we want the best for our child but we also need to be grounded on the costs. Now, how and where do we start? Here’s a guide:

Plan the budget

As early as childhood, you need to teach your kids how to spend money wisely. Why not start with his or her birthday party? Let them choose whatever party they want as long as they conform with the budget. Show them the amount of money you prepare for the party. Breakdown the money into major expenses like food, decoration, entertainment and giveaways. Now, talk to your child and teach him or her solve the problem.

Number of invited guests

Prepare a list of people that will be invited to the event. Consult this with your child and see if they have other people in mind like former classmate or teachers. After that, start with the seating arrangement and program.

Weighing between needs and wants

Splurging is okay but make sure this falls into the need category like food and entertainment. Just like what’s mentioned above, you need to ask your child what they are willing sacrifice if they want to add something else. For example, if they choose to get inflatable slide or castle, they should cut the guest list or change the giveaways. If they agree with your deal, then good.

Invest in catering supplies

Just because birthdays are once a year doesn’t mean you don’t invest in cooking wares and other supplies. Why not start early and purchase catering supplies like knives, sausage-making machine, or hand tools? You can use this for a long time in any kind of event whether graduation, debuts, or anniversaries. Contact CQ Butchers & Catering Supplies to learn more.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

No matter how we want, our air conditioner isn’t designed to last forever. There are some situations where you need to replace them. Here are they:

Your Home Has Grown

When you first installed your unit, the team make sure that it suits your needs and match the measurement of your home. However, if you have to go through a major renovation or remodelling, what you have might not be appropriate for you. This is a sign that you should purchase a new model.

Your Bills Are Going Up

If your energy bill is growing up lately but you are using your fixtures just the same as before, it may have something to do with your cooling system. The compressor may be failing, so it works harder just to generate cool air. This results to sucking up too much energy that affects your bill.

Your Unit Is Old

According to a recent study conducted by American Home Comfort, this fixture can last up to twenty years. If it lasts longer than that, expect that it won’t function well causing you more on maintenance. So, think how long your fixture have been staying with you. If it exceeds its lifespan, let it go.

You’re Calling Frequently for Service

Calling for a professional help may be common. However, if you think that you’re doing it too often, maybe a new model is what you need and not a restoration. Whilst it will cost you at first, but it you will save more in the long run.

Poor Air Flow

The most obvious reason why you need to get a new one is it is not functioning properly. The AC vents may be failing or there is debris that can get stuck up.

If you are experiencing these signs, there’s no more reason why you should not replace it. The split system air conditioning Brisbane offer new models that you can install into your house such as floor mounted type, ducted bulkhead type, under ceiling cassette and high wall split.

Advantages of Commercial Refrigeration

Businesses like grocery stores, flower shops, butcher shops, even gasoline stations and other trades that require some of their products and items to be stored in cool temperatures, all need a proper cooling system that utilises energy to help with the business’ cost efficiency because they are all about earning and saving money but they also wish, of course, to provide the great quality services needed for all their customers, in this case, serving you with best quality fresh products. Commercial refrigeration can provide you with all that. Check Brisbane commercial refrigeration.


Commercial refrigeration is a refrigeration unit that is constructed with industrialised components that can maintain temperatures between -10°F and 0°F. The ability to maintain low temperatures results to preserving the food’s freshness for a very long period of time and assuring the food’s safety away from the possibility of growth of any type of bacteria. Commercial refrigeration keeps your food fresh and crisp as much as possible it efficiently stores the cold air inside unlike grocery and display refrigeration that allows air to simply float away because it is an open refrigerator. There is a whole array of commercial refrigeration units that can vary in wide ranges of sizes, the location of its ventilation, storage space, and design. It is without a doubt possible that you would be able to find one that fits your exact needs.

Another type of refrigeration unit is called residential refrigeration which is essentially cheaper than commercial refrigeration. It keeps the food at temperatures between 34°F and 40°F, which does not preserve your food for too long, food that is properly handled and stored in the freezer at 0° F (-18° C) will in fact stay safe. When food is not properly chilled there will be a slow development of bacteria, even though food does not taste, smell or look spoiled on the outside it could still make you sick. The production of income within any type of business that sells goods would decrease and disrupt its success if it were unable to keep their products fresh and safe for their customers.

Also residential refrigerators is not for heavy task use and storing huge amounts of product so if you are using this type of refrigeration unit you need to purchase more of this equipment if ever there is no extra space for more of your food stocks. But if you can’t financially afford your own commercial refrigeration unit at the moment there is a solution that most business owners had when they too had their own money issues to deal with, you can simply rent one. Rental terms are flexible because they make sure that they can adjust to your needs like your time frame and the sizes or types of freezers or refrigerators that you prefer to use in your business.

Commercial refrigeration is a great choice and it is extremely beneficial for any business that needs to keep food cold, fresh and preserved for a long time. There is a wide variety of commercial refrigeration units that you could choose from. With commercial refrigeration’s help keeping things cool has never gotten easier.

Why Do You Need Slushie Machine Hire Rented On Your Event

Yes, of course, what you want on your event is nothing but fun and excitement. Simple as it seems but slushie machine hire Sydney is definitely something that you can make use of, to add flavor to your event. This is surely a way to ensure that your visitors will get the fun out of what they drink.

Some may thought that slushie machine hire may not be that versatile as they only serve alcoholic beverages, little for others knowledge, slushie machine hire can offer variety of drinks that they can actually choose from. Drinks such as fruit shakes, milk base drinks etc., is something that slushie machine hire can serve, you just need to ask the company where you plan to hire the machine to know which drink they can offer.

Why do you need slushie machine hire on your event

Actually, not a need, but something that is highly recommended on your event. It offers a lot of benefits, thus best if you can consider.

It offers uniqueness on your event

Some may be serving just sodas or iced tea on their party, just for a change, make your drink slushed. This is a good way to give a different touch on your party. Something that is not common or out of the ordinary. Your visitors will definitely feel excited to see something that is out of the usual. You surely want to “wow” your guests with something that they do not usually see on parties.

The drinks served in slush, offer nothing but thirst quencher

Usual party drinks can satisfy the quench of guests, but why not make it next level higher. Drinks served in slush can definitely quench any types of thirst. The thirst quenching effect of slushed drinks is above the usual, thus if you want something that can truly satisfy your guests, then without a doubt, giving your visitors something that can make them completely satisfied is something that will make them remember your event.

Slushie machine hire is an addition to your event that will not give you too much of a hard time

Preparing your slushie machine hire is a no mess. You need not to exert any efforts as it will be served to your homes or party venue prepared and all ready to consume. After party, you need not to think of washing the machines as they can be returned as is.

Hiring A Mobile Coffee Van Is Better Than Buying A Coffee Van

To all the coffee-lovers in the world, a good strong coffee is a rejuvenating key for a happy morning, to make them prepare for the day. A good strong coffee in the morning always ‘hit the right spot’ in your mind, especially if it is lovingly made by experts, like something you can have from a mobile coffee van vendor.

Coffee is everywhere:

Now a day, finding good coffee suppliers and coffee houses is much easier than it used to be. At one time the best you could hope for was a tasteless freeze-dried beverage, and a ‘frothy coffee’ was the height of sophistication. In the case of coffee – progress is always good! Today coffee is everywhere, and it is even possible to hire a professional mobile coffee van team for making for any function if you plan to offer perfect coffee, quality, and piping for your guests.


If you love to have coffee with any function and want to take advantage of specialist caterers, then you need to look for a professional coffee maker. The small coffee vans that you can see around on High Streets and City Centers have been branching out in recent years, and you can now hire one of them for your functions. While waiting for the photographer to snap all the wedding shots, you can give your guests a surprise by hiring one or two mobile coffee vans, for taking care of the coffee services.

Hire a mobile coffee van for your outdoor party:

Hiring mobile coffee vans are a good idea, especially for outdoor parties. Especially, if the part is large, then one small mobile coffee van will be insufficient to meet the party rush. Since coffee has taken a front seat in parties; there will be a real demand for fresh coffee from your guests. These people can prepare strong, rich blended natural coffee with the utmost professionalism. Most of the mobile coffee vans come with state of the art ready to make coffee machines, and all the accessories, snack-making appliances, along with units to serve different types of coffee such as cappuccino, espresso, etc.


It may seem like an extravagance to hire a mobile coffee van – but for a small function, community events, and family parties, family get together they are an ideal option. Your friends, family, and guests will certainly love the idea of hiring a mobile coffee van since your party will have the special honour of having the rich blend of coffee taste. A little Caffeine can certainly energize your guests.

Looking For A Catering Equipment Supplier

1. Choose the supplier of your catering equipment that offers installation, maintenance and repair services.

There are a lot to choose from in the market when looking for your catering equipment  supplies but being sensible in choosing your supplier would make such a big difference. Due to the tough competition, suppliers come up with various strategies and offers to win clients and costumers. The reason why some suppliers provide free installation service, maintenance and even repair. Is to keep a good customer relation as well. Talking about good service. Make the most out of those services and you will be able to maintain a good relation with your supplier and at the same time cut cost by avoiding yourself from further problems that the equipment might encounter which is inevitable.


2. The supplier should give you guide and advice on how to properly take care of the equipment they supply.

There is difference between those that wants to gain profit and wants to gain a customer. The former’s goal is for you to keep on ordering from them. The latter on the other hand gives guides and advice on how you can actually take care of the equipment so it will not be damaged easily for you to not replace the equipment very often. They value customer satisfaction. It is still a must knowing how to take care of your equipment to prolong its life and if not prevented know how to troubleshoot some problems that you may encounter while working with it.

3.  The supplier should have a customer service that is accessible for inquiries.

Find a supplier that values customer more than anything else. Those are the ones that are eager to be of service in times of need and problems you encounter while using their products. Having an accessible customer service that is passionate enough to answer your queries is a good sign the supplier keeps a good relation with their clients. You may never know when you are going to be needing their services after your transaction with them, so choose a supplier that has an accessible customer service polite enough to entertain your issue.

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Guide To Commercial Cool Rooms

Commercial cool rooms are designed especially for the storage of meat and milk products at temperatures which are controlled and one of the new innovations in freezer storage. Unlike regular freezers, commercial cool rooms offer a number of distinctive features. They can be as small or as large as the customer wishes and the requirements of the dimensions are dictated by its business need. Special sizes are considered individually so that space and the facility can make maximum use of what is available where the cool room is to be installed. Because there are no standard sizes, the customer can take advantage and complete control of any of the measurements for the flooring, the shelving, and the doors and so on.

For commercial cool rooms, the specific design for cold and freezer storage means that the temperature must be maintained within a specified range of temperatures. The typical cool rooms maintain the temperature between zero and 5°C and digital and electronic thermometers are constantly used to monitor and maintain the temperature. They are equipped with the latest technology in LED and LCD displays, which serve to enhance the automated features of most of the cool rooms using electronic aids. They are available in stainless steel and painted metal which are the best materials which can be used for the construction. However, if a customer so desires, he can choose other materials such as PE coating and wood. They are built at the facility of the manufacturer and only need to be installed at the site using the specifications stipulated by the manufacturer. Because the equipment is built in, dismantled form, which is a straightforward process to reassemble the components at the site.

Commercial Cool rooms can be customised in terms of appearance though there is equipment, components which need to follow several prescribed standards. However, the cool room itself can be tailor-made in accordance with the preferences of the customer. There is an efficient utilisation of space because the damages can be designed according to the needs of the customer and the most efficient utilisation of space and the maximum utility. The doors and hinges are normally sturdy and equipped with the most efficient insulation which helps in energy saving by ensuring that the correct temperature is maintained and that there is no wastage of energy.


Commercial cool rooms have plenty of storage capacity. And it is available at the most competitive and reasonable prices. Given the many features that they offer and the manufacturers also provide cost savings by offering custom panel systems. The efficient energy systems make for better performance and lower power bills and can make a difference of up to half. Features such as LED lighting, proper insulation, special hinges and so on should be available on most cool rooms.

How To Make A Good Choice When Selecting Catering Equipment

As the competition between catering service among different restaurants and hotels is rising, it is difficult to choose the best service within affordable rates and profits. The best way to set your budget and keep everything within boundaries is by making the right choice of catering equipment. Cost is not the only factor to keep in mind; there are several other things too.

Following are mentioned some useful tips that can help you in making the right choice for catering equipment.

Quality brand:

Every individual invests a lot of money on catering services, so why not keep your business maintained and in a good hand. To implement this factor, you have to hand over the responsibility in safe hands. Because top brands have their own reputation to maintain so they keep up yours too. Before purchasing high quality catering equipment, fetch a customer review from their website or other sources so that you get to know about the quality of their products.

Warranty and guarantee:

When purchasing the equipment, the agreement is another important point to keep in mind. And to be on a safe side you should keep in check at least three factors that determine a company’s quality:

1) Check with reputation dealer who is providing you the catering equipment
2) The rates must be cheap, at least in the first year of service.
3) The company keeps a good record of the warranty.

Equipment cost:

Cost is an important factor here because you need best services within reasonable rates. Firstly, prepare a list of things you are buying like the gas stove, oven or microwave and then compare the rates of that equipment to that of other suppliers. The easiest way to inquire about prices is to look up for them on the internet.

Fuel and functionality:

The type of fuel used in the catering service is a big matter, as it also plays a major role in cutting the cost. Whether you are using petrol or biogas, it should be considered if the fuel is easy to purchase and is widely available or not. The best thing to do is choose the equipment which can run on different fuel kinds. Identify the equipment which is easy to use with everything, for this will reduce the time spent and increase the output. Safety precaution is another point.

The size of the equipment:

Choose the equipment which is small in size but has an effective output. The equipment size must correlate with the amount of space appropriate in your kitchen design.

The Pros Of Purchasing Commercial Fryers Online

Online shopping has made it really convenient to get things you need at the comfort of your home. Although it takes an average of three days for your purchases to arrive, online shopping saves many people from the troubles of driving to the store and taking out time for selecting stuff.

This made your task of choosing and purchasing commercial fryers for your restaurant or hotel convenient and simplified. Surveying the market, however, would take a lot of time and effort.

Read the following two most important pros of purchasing commercial fryers online:

Commercial Deep Fryer

It saves your money:

By visiting a reliable website, one can determine the kind of commercial fryers they want to invest upon, and can also look for the quality of the equipment by going through the customer review section.

Online shopping takes an edge over live shopping in a way that it offers a great variety of deals that can save you a considerable amount of money. For example, you can get commercial fryers for the exact price, and may attain some cutlery for free as a part of promotion products. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you can avail the discount deals that come up during various occasions.

Online shopping rarely includes retail prices, and if you dwell in the same city, you have to pay absolutely zero delivery charges for most of the times.

However, you have to be smart enough to determine whether you are being charged more or not. Different online shopping hospitality store web domains offer products of varying brands. A commercial fryer of a specific brand can be offered by two different websites with different prices. Hence, you have to be a sceptical online buyer when it comes to prices and the product itself.

It saves your time:

Buying online means not having to spend extra minute driving to the market and make purchases. Given your busy and hectic schedule, getting commercial fryers online would be the convenient thing to do for you as a business owner. Buying many fryers at a wholesale rate and amount shall be a much more feasible way in this case.