Benefits of Harnessing Solar Power in Your Home

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. The electricity can be generated through photovoltaics, concentrated solar power or both. Photovoltaics uses semiconducting materials such as solar panels. Concentrated solar power, on the other hand, employs mirrors and lenses to draw a large area of sunlight.

Below are reasons to take advantage of this new source.

Preservation of the environment – First and foremost, it does not produce harmful emissions that affect the environment. It is natural, clean and renewable. Thus, it helps in cutting down carbon footprint. For example, a solar panel system in a domestic setup can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions annually. That is comparable to a hundred trees a year.

Lower utility expenses – it is proven to reduce the overall energy cost. This automatically means you can save an amount or so. It is no doubt smart to use in the household, a restaurant, office and, most especially, huge buildings.

Return on investment – In order to make a switch from the usual energy source, you have to invest in panels. It might have an impact on the budget, but it will be almost nothing when you reap the benefits in the long run. As mentioned, it can hold back your bills. In addition, the product is so durable you can expect virtually no service interruption.

Fewer chances of power loss – Your source of energy is domestic and does not need long distance transmissions. Meaning efficiency is increased and there is control over the usage.

Increased property value – Properties powered by solar energy systems are costlier but are more attractive to buyers. The interest over this new approach is gradually increasing so the rise in demand is also anticipated. As a seller, you might want to consider installation to boost the marketability of your home or building.

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What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an alternative way to generate electricity. It uses a series of photovoltaic modules to absorb sunlight. The sunlight is then converted into electricity or heat. Generating up to 365 watts, they are an environmentally-friendly energy option for homes and businesses.

Green Technology

The main benefit of this generator is its green technology. It produces a form of clean energy. This type of renewable energy source accounts for 14% of Australian electricity use. In 2016, 135,370 rooftop systems were installed in Australian homes and businesses. Prices on these energy generators continue to go down, becoming more accessible to the public.

To add to this, the Solar Homes and Communities plan has really encouraged homeowners to install this technology. Homeowners who use this type of energy receive five more Solar Credits Program points than those who don’t. They are also entitled to more Renewable Energy Certificates. On the other hand, schools can get grants for as much as $50,000 to install this technology.


This type of equipment can be made out of two materials:

  1. Silicone
  2. Non-silicone

Both varieties rely mostly on aluminium frames, which make them very durable. 95% of the materials used in these systems are recyclable or recycled.

Money Saver

Installing this type of system reduces the utility bill of homeowners. As electricity prices go up, more people are starting to look for alternative sources of energy. This type of system is a good option. They’re a great investment for any home or business.

Some people are concerned about the costs of these systems. However, it should be considered as an investment. Instead of paying an exuberant amount in your electricity bills, you can buy solar panels and pay less monthly. Apart from this, you’ll be contributing to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and helping to save the environment.

Benefits of Getting Solar Energy for your Home

You’re going to be in a win-win situation when you decide to get solar energy for your home. The next thing to do would be to have solar panels installed so you’ll get it in no time. If you are not familiar with the benefits solar panels brings to each home, here they are:

Technology Advancement

With new discoveries always being made by scientists, it’s only a matter of time before significant advancements are made. If you think you have seen how solar energy can be effective, you haven’t seen anything yet. It is possible its electrical input will be doubled or even tripled as time passes by.

Reduction in Electricity Bills

Everybody knows the most expensive bill in each household is the electricity bill. That’s going to change when you use solar energy because it produces electricity at an endless rate. In fact, not only will you save money on bill payments but you’ll consume more electricity.

Excellent Guarantee

The company that provided you with the panels will give a long warranty that could be as long as 25 years. This is because they are confident of the excellent durability of the products. They also used state-of-the-art materials in making the items.

Environmentally Friendly

It is common for people to invest in solar panels because of the savings they will get. Another benefit is it will make you do your part in conserving the environment.

After realising you’ll be better off with solar energy in your home, you better invest on this the next chance you’ll get. Before you know it, its prices will once again increase.

You’ll also get experts that will install the panels in your house. This is one time when you shouldn’t try and install these items by yourself. They may be easy to use but they are hard to install so better leave that task to the experts. You can also ask them questions while they install the panels in your home. Visit Canadian solar panels. They would be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy

Solar energy is touted to be the safest compared to other types of resources available for human consumption. Besides solar, other clean types include biomass or organic matter, the wind and geothermal. Other sources of energy, though non-renewable, include gas, oil and coal.

As a Clean Source of Energy

Clean energy is any type of power that has low or no emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is highly toxic to the environment and contributes to global warming. Apart from carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases include nitrous oxide, surface-level ozone, water vapour, chlorofluorocarbons and methane.


It is harnessed by way of converting sunlight rays into electricity or using photovoltaic (PV) equipment to tap energy directly from sunbeams or by using tracking systems and mirrors or lenses to direct large areas of sunlight into a beam to produce energy.


However, consumption of solar is not yet at its peak despite its importance. Most people consume gas and power produced from fossil fuels to run their systems at home, in factories or outdoor locations.


Australia, in particular, is blessed with a good amount of the sunshine, which makes it ideal for solar energy production. A few years back, solar panels used to be very expensive and it was a challenge for a majority of people to afford to purchase this type of equipment.

Most Common Type

The most common type used by most Australians is the solar panels installed on rooftops of both residential and industrial buildings. These are easy to maintain and they harness electricity that is sufficient for home use and in most cases it, to a greater extent, supplement the power used in factories.

Besides this, solar thermal energy also uses the sun to produce electricity.  The process involves the redirection of sunbeams to heat water. The water is heated until it produces steam which runs the turbines that produce electricity.

Apart from the heating of water, sun rays can also be used as passive thermal energy to dry foodstuffs for preservation or drying clothes. It is also used widely at homes in Australia to heat water for home uses such as showering, washing hands, and cooking among others.

Economic Impact

It is a well-known fact that the continent with the peak average solar radiation is Australia. This underscores the importance of solar power in driving economic development in the continent. It is important to note that PVs can stream power from the rooftop directly to the consumer’s house without being linked to the power grid.


The use of solar energy is growing and so is the development of technology that is used to tap this natural resource. In other parts of the world and for instance in the United States, scientists are doing experiments to tap solar energy in space and redirect it to earth for general use through the use of satellites. Other governments in Asia, Africa and Europe also are investing heavily on solar energy and on other types of clean energy to increase use of sustainable and eco-friendly types.

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