Reasons to Bet on the Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals

You won’t see much people betting on the Cavaliers to repeat as NBA Champions. You can’t blame them because they’re once again facing a Warriors team they barely beat last year. They’re facing an improved Warriors team with Kevin Durant replacing Harrison Barnes. However, that doesn’t mean there are no reasons to bet for LeBron James and company. Here are some reasons to bet for them.

First is LeBron’s dominance. LeBron James is called the best basketball player on the planet for a reason. He has led his team to the NBA Finals for 8 straight times. This year, he has led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 12-1 playoff record as the number 2 seed. He recently passed Michael Jordan as the player who has the most career playoff points. The list of accomplishments of the King keep on growing and he’s still on his prime.

Second reason is Thompson is the Best Centre. Tristan Thompson is by far the best centre in the NBA Finals. There’s not much of a contest when his closest rivals are JaVale McGee and Zaza Pachulia. He’s also the Cavaliers’ only centre so Kevin Love will have to be the centre when Coach Tyronne Lue takes him out. He’s expected to average a double-double against the much smaller Warriors. His only weakness is his free throw percentage as opposing teams often foul him to send him to the line. He has made recent opponents pay though as he has been shooting over 70% in the playoffs.

And lastly, Kyrie is a Dependable Sidekick. Uncle Drew has been more than a dependable sidekick for LeBron. He has picked up the slack when King James has struggled or is in foul trouble. He’ll take advantage of matchups when Curry or one of the Warriors’ big guys try to guard him.

There are many reasons why choose to bet on their team here is just a few. Thus, after deciding that the Cavaliers are the best bet in this series, place free bets online now. You’ll be celebrating with your friends once King James hoists the Larry O’ Brien trophy above his head for a second straight year.

3 Little-Known Facts About Your Favourite Comic Book Characters

Did you ever dream to be like Superman? Fight the villain like what Wonder Woman did? Or be like Spiderman and climb the highest building? I’m pretty sure that one way or another, we all dreamed of being a superhero. With all the powers that they have, we won’t have to deal with traffic anymore; we can also go to our favourite places without breaking a bank.

Through the years, a comic book exposed us to a different world, they are the one who told us how strong man of steel is and how bad those villains are. To that, we can’t deny that this plays a big role in our childhood. If you’re a comics fan, you might be thinking that you almost knew everything about them, but this article will prove that you still need to read a lot of comic books.

Superman Was Originally a Bald Villain

After a century, Superman is still one of the most famous superheroes of all times. In fact, this comic book was shown in the cinema for nine times and has been a blockbuster film throughout. While we all love Clark Kent’s shy and strong personality, this man is not just a man with the glasses when the first edition of superman was released. He was actually a bad villain! Comic creator Jerry Siegel first drew him as a villain in the 1933 story called “The Reign of the Super-Man”.


The Hulk Was Grey

Aside from having an incredible strength, one of The Hulk trademarks is its colour. But little did we know that this misunderstood hero was originally started as the coloured grey. He was first introduced in 1962 as having the grey pigment. But after the first issue, he was changed to green because of ink issues.

Joker is set to die in Batman No.1

If someone asked us to name at least one villain, Joker’s name will pop over and over again. This psychopath killer has been responsible and the one to blame for all the tragedies in Batman’s life. But in the first Batman comic book, Joker was already set to die. He was bound to face death because of fatal accidents until Whitney Ellsworth Batman’s editor saw the potential of this character.

Many of the famous superheroes started in the comic books. And while most of us might watch TV than to read, there are no greater experienced than knowing how it all started. If you wanted to learn more secrets about your much-loved character, then it’s time to visit Comics N Pop now. Aside from comic publications, they also have comic apparels and game boards to enjoy.

Photo Booth Hire For Kids

Photo booth is not just for adults, but for everyone, no age limit. It is highly recommended to any parties or events because of its fun element.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • Entertain kids

Children will always be children, they will play around and be as wild and naughty as they want to be. Bringing them to the booth can ease them down even for just a while. Let them show their cute smiles and strike a pose in front of the camera.

  • Make party even more enjoyable

This is a great activity that can make the party even more entertaining for the kids. Letting them be in front of the camera will surely give them hype and excitement.

  • Memorabilia for children to keep as they grow older

This is an effective way for your children to remember the party they attended to a long way back, something that they can look back and reminisce when they go a bit older. Definitely, something that can make them look back and say, “yes, that party was fun!”

Tips to make photo booth perfect for kids:

  • Playful props

Make use of props best for kids. Make it more silly and playful this time. Wigs, masks etc., that can really catch the interest and delight of the kids. Make it colourful and kid friendly.

  • Lower down the camera height

The height of the camera, of course, should be aligned with the kids. Try to lower down the regular or normal height of your camera stand. You do not want the kids to keep on jumping and be in tip toed as their photos are taken.

  • Make the background more interesting for the children

Colourful, more lively background will surely be catchy to children. Looking for the best photo booth? Check out the photo booths Sydney here!


Why Do You Need Slushie Machine Hire Rented On Your Event

Yes, of course, what you want on your event is nothing but fun and excitement. Simple as it seems but slushie machine hire Sydney is definitely something that you can make use of, to add flavor to your event. This is surely a way to ensure that your visitors will get the fun out of what they drink.

Some may thought that slushie machine hire may not be that versatile as they only serve alcoholic beverages, little for others knowledge, slushie machine hire can offer variety of drinks that they can actually choose from. Drinks such as fruit shakes, milk base drinks etc., is something that slushie machine hire can serve, you just need to ask the company where you plan to hire the machine to know which drink they can offer.

Why do you need slushie machine hire on your event

Actually, not a need, but something that is highly recommended on your event. It offers a lot of benefits, thus best if you can consider.

It offers uniqueness on your event

Some may be serving just sodas or iced tea on their party, just for a change, make your drink slushed. This is a good way to give a different touch on your party. Something that is not common or out of the ordinary. Your visitors will definitely feel excited to see something that is out of the usual. You surely want to “wow” your guests with something that they do not usually see on parties.

The drinks served in slush, offer nothing but thirst quencher

Usual party drinks can satisfy the quench of guests, but why not make it next level higher. Drinks served in slush can definitely quench any types of thirst. The thirst quenching effect of slushed drinks is above the usual, thus if you want something that can truly satisfy your guests, then without a doubt, giving your visitors something that can make them completely satisfied is something that will make them remember your event.

Slushie machine hire is an addition to your event that will not give you too much of a hard time

Preparing your slushie machine hire is a no mess. You need not to exert any efforts as it will be served to your homes or party venue prepared and all ready to consume. After party, you need not to think of washing the machines as they can be returned as is.

Intimate Moments or Shared Occasions

Photo booth rental is all the rage at the moment and is becoming increasingly popular at many events and to document man occasions. Photo booth rental is in some cases replacing the need for photographers and thereby helping to save money in many instances.

There is really an opportunity to use photo booth rental at almost any event or on any special occasion.


Valentines Day is a perfect example. Most people attend parties or take trips to restaurants on this occasion. It is spent with the one you love and the person who you treasure. A Valentine’s ball would be a wonderful place to have a photo booth rental in place where the lovers could pop in for a quiet, intimate moment and take some photographs that reveal the bond they share. A loving kiss, some whispered words, flushed cheeks and love. Restaurants would make a fortune by providing a photo booth rental at their premises on this day of love.

Prom night is another night where it is customary to have your photograph taken with your partner to the prom. This is a momentous occasion that marks the growing of a teen to adulthood. This is the end of their school career and the beginning of their journey of life. Photo booth rental would be a fabulous change to the traditional photographer. Many people feel awkward posing for someone and with other people looking on. It would be such a pleasure to instead slip into the booth for that all important photograph. With that said, the booth could also be used later in the evening to have photographs with your friends that you have made along the way through your school career. Many you will never see again and others will become lifelong friends but each has contributed to your life thus far.

Yearly school photos are something that is really tedious. The same photographer each year, telling you how to sit, smile, stare at the birdie. The schools would be better off with photo booth rental where the kids could step in and have their portraits taken. Quick, easy and more cost effective. In cases where siblings take photos, there is more than enough room to accommodate them as well.

Photo booth rental is an innovative idea that really has a place in the world today and the uses for them are wide and varied. Use you imagination and you can find a use for them at any occasion or to document any event.

HD Photo Booth snaps for your event will be ready in seconds! Get the service of the best photobooth hire.