4 Incidents That Require an Emergency Plumber

An emergency plumber is available 24/7 to provide plumbing services. Accidents can happen anytime. Some piping or drainage disasters might take place only during midnight or dawn. If not for 24/7 plumbers, your house might be submerged by clean tap water or wastewater from the drainage.

Not all plumbing incidents require an emergency plumber. Many damages in the pipes and drains can wait until the start of office hours. But there are others that need immediate attention. Here are some of them:

Burst pipes – A huge hole on a major pipe can release a big volume of tap water. This incident can cause flooding in your house that damage your appliances and furniture. A burst pipe can also cost you a huge amount of money.

Damaged main valve – The main valve controls the volume of water supplied to your home. If it is broken, you might have no way to stop the leaking. This case needs the expertise or a qualified emergency plumber. He/she has the right tools to temporarily cut off the water supply. He/she also knows the proper procedure in repairing or replacing damaged valves.

Clogged drains – Whilst clogged drains can wait until the morning, some people cannot stand the odour of dirty water oozing out of damaged drains or overflowing toilet. Many are too tired and sleepy to fix the problem by themselves. Thanks to the presence of an emergency plumber near their area, they do not need to fish for the objects that block the drains in their bathroom or sink.

Frozen pipes – In some areas, winter can spell damage to their pipes. Extreme cold can freeze the water inside the pipes. Many people think that heating the frozen pipes is the solution. But this method can make the pipe brittle.

For these cases, you need a competent emergency plumber Brisbane West who can work on your plumbing issues whenever you need them. Just make sure he/she is properly certified and experienced to avoid making the issues above worse.